Reasons You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There’s nothing like the feeling of driving on the open road on a motorcycle. Motorcycles have been long embedded in our culture. They represent freedom, adventure, excitement, and an attitude that’s often exclusive to the true riders. But when that freedom and excitement is threatened by an accident, everything is put on the line.

Motorcycle accidents are statistically more dangerous. Given the lack of a blockade between the pavement and your body, falling off a bike will result in much worse injuries than a car accident. There are numerous complications that can follow. From recovering from the injuries to proving your innocence in the accident, possibly losing your job, and the fear of financial instability, it can all feel like a nightmare. But having a reputable motorcycle accident by your side can make all the difference.

Determining Who is at Fault

The driver of the vehicle who hit you will do everything possible to prove their innocence. Since motorcyclists have a bad reputation for speeding or driving recklessly, it becomes easy to point the finger even if you weren’t at fault. An attorney’s role is to ensure that all of the facts are brought forward. This includes using the evidence to show how the events unraveled and who was at fault. Without an attorney’s defense, you will leave the outcome of the case up to fate.  

Your Health and Finances Are At Risk

You need time to recover. It’s stressful to spend even a couple of days not working and possibly not getting paid for those missed days. The stress of missing payments on your home, credit card bill, or providing for your family is very real. An attorney will help you seek compensation for the damages such as medical bills, loss of employment, pain and suffering, as well as other losses.  

Dealing With Insurance Companies is Time-Consuming and Stressful

Insurance companies aren’t concerned with your situation. Their bottom line is to give you the minimum settlement. Negotiating with them will be impossible on your own because a) they’re hard to reach and b) their offers are generally “take it or leave it.” However, an attorney with vast experience of dealing with insurance companies will be able to file a lawsuit against them OR they may recommend seeking an alternative route.  

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