Best Practices for Reporting a Car Accident in El Paso

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Car accidents can feel like they happen with a blank of the eye. Many El Paso drivers are faced with the challenge of what to do immediately following the accident. As car accident attorneys in El Paso, we can attest to the importance of how and when you report a car accident. The consequences of saying the wrong thing or failing to report the accident altogether can have a negative impact on your future.     

Texas Law Regarding Reporting a Car Crash

According to the Texas Transportation Code Title 7: Vehicles and Traffic, Subchapter B: Following an Accident, individuals are to report a crash that results in injury, death, or property damage of up to $1,000 or more. Failing to do so could result in penalties and a fine of up $5,000 and/or imprisonment. Even if you’re unsure whether the accident falls into those three categories, you’re in a better position if you report the accident.    

How to Report a Car Accident

Immediately following the accident is when you want to report the accident to the authorities. What you tell the authorities is important. You must provide truthful statements, leaving out who is to blame. If you do not know the answer to a question, simply say you cannot answer. A police officer may want to know the speed limit you were traveling, if you cannot provide an accurate answer, do not attempt to guess. Sticking to the facts is key.  

Be sure to follow these tips:

  • Be thorough in your description
  • Provide the number of people in the car, as well as that of the other drive, when the accident took place
  • Provide your name, vehicle and insurance information
  • Inform the operator of any injuries and property damage
  • If there are any witnesses present, gather their information, and ask them to stay until the police arrive

Failing to Report the Accident May Have Negative Consequences

If for some reason you do not report the accident to the police, you could have difficulty collecting compensation for damages. For one, your insurance company will question why there wasn’t a police report. There will be too many gaps in your claims without a report to support your statements. Compensation for your injuries, property damage, and personal well being will all be on the line.  

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