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Insurance and Bad Faith Lawyer

Rodrigo V. Ramos – Insurance and Bad Faith Lawyer

Most of us have a form of insurance, whether it is automobile insurance, homeowners’ insurance, or renters’ insurance, among others. Paying insurance premiums each month, which can easily reach hundreds of dollars, is intended to protect us in the event we are in an automobile accident, sustain damage to our home because of a storm, or sustain damage to any other property of value. While insurance companies claim to help consumers, they are also in the business of making money, which means they will scrutinize every insurance claim to determine if there are grounds for denial.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith happens when a person’s valid insurance claim is not paid in accordance with an insurance agreement. Examples of bad faith include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Outright denial of a valid claim;
  • Delay in investigating a claim;
  • Partial payment of a claim; and
  • Threatening or harassing individuals to encourage them to let a claim go.

Because insurance companies have a lot of discretion, they can determine what they feel is a valid claim and what they consider to be an invalid claim they will not cover. Unfortunately, many consumers are taken advantage of and believe they have no options once a claim is denied. When an insurance company fails to pay a claim that is without question valid (such as roof damage caused by a hail storm), the individual filing the claim needs the assistance of a qualified El Paso Insurance and Bad Faith Lawyer.

Insurance Company Obligations

Individuals sign agreements with insurance companies that outline when an insurance company will pay on a claim. Many insurance companies can avoid fulfilling their obligations under an insurance agreement simply because consumers may not have the resources to fight for their rights. Insurance companies can be held accountable to fulfill their end of the agreement, but often only do so after facing legal action.

How The Rodrigo V. Ramos Law Firm, P.C. Can Help You with an Insurance or Bad Faith Matter

At The Rodrigo V. Ramos Law Firm, P.C., we have extensive experience working with clients who have battled insurance companies because of bad faith decisions to avoid fulfilling their end of an insurance agreement. Many insurance bad faith matters can be resolved without going to court, but in some cases, filing a lawsuit may be necessary. El Paso Insurance and Bad Faith Lawyer Rodrigo V. Ramos thoroughly evaluates every client’s situation to determine what the best legal options are for holding an insurance company accountable.

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