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Family Law Modifications Lawyer

Rodrigo V. Ramos – El Paso Family Law Modifications Lawyer

Life presents twists and turns that can affect a domestic matter such as divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal support, and child support. For example, if one parent is seeking to move to another part of the state, or to another state entirely, that parent must seek a modification of an existing order by a court, and the judge must approve the requested change. In some cases, the person seeking modification may need to submit briefs or other documents supporting the reason for the requested modification. Because supporting documentation and argument may be required, it is a good idea to allow an El Paso Family Law Modifications Lawyer to handle the entire modification process.

Post-Decree Family Law Modifications

A divorce decree is a final order entered by a court regarding the terms of a divorce which often includes the distribution of marital property, child custody arrangements, spousal support arrangements, child support arrangements, and visitation rights. Changes in circumstances may require the need to modify a divorce decree. For example, if a spouse moves, the financial situation of one or both spouses changes, or a child turns eighteen (18), modifications may be necessary to reflect the current family situation accurately.

Custody/Conservatorship Modifications

Much like the modification of a divorce decree, modification of a custody arrangement may be necessary if a parent moves, a child’s situation becomes unsafe (i.e., if one parent is abusing the child), or if the child turns eighteen (18), among other reasons.

Visitation Modifications

Modifying a visitation arrangement may be necessary for the very same reasons that a child custody arrangement may need to be modified. In the case of visitation, however, once a child is old enough, he or she may have the ability to choose if he or she wants to see a parent more or less often.

Why You Need the Help of an El Paso Family Law Modifications Lawyer

The legal process can be stressful and challenging when there is a need to modify an existing order regarding spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation rights, among others. Additionally, strict requirements must be followed, so it is essential to seek the advice and guidance of a qualified El Paso Family Law Modification Lawyer. While many individuals go to court on their own, the process can go much quicker and more smoothly with the help of a lawyer.

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Modifying an existing court order regarding divorce, custody or visitation can be extremely complicated. As such, it is essential to work alongside an El Paso Family Law Modifications Lawyer who can handle the matter each step of the way. Because there are strict requirements under Texas law, you need a lawyer who is well-versed in all aspects of family law. At The Rodrigo V. Ramos Law Firm, P.C., our legal team helps families modify existing orders on a regular basis. To discuss your legal options, contact El Paso Family Law Modifications Lawyer Rodrigo V. Ramos today by calling (915) 532-3300 to schedule a free consultation.