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Children are often at the heart of a domestic dispute, especially when parents are going through a messy divorce. Whenever a child is involved in a domestic matter, a court will look at what are the child’s best interests. Such interests will inevitably involve a determination of child support and child custody arrangements. Because child support and custody matters can be contentious, working with an El Paso Child Support and Custody Lawyer is a good way to ensure you are taking steps to protect not only your rights as a parent but the rights and interests of your children.

Overview of Texas Child Custody Laws

Under Texas law, child custody is referred to as “conservatorship.” Whenever possible, the law favors that both parents share joint custody of their children. After all, so long as a child is in a safe environment, it is best that the child has a relationship both with parents. When a child primarily lives with one parent, that particular parent is considered the “managing conservator.” The other parent who has visitation rights is considered the “possessory conservator.” Joint custody arrangements typically include a situation where the child primarily lives with one parent but then visits the other parent according to a parenting plan.

Overview of Texas Child Support Laws

Child support is a key component of child custody manners. In most cases, child support payments are calculated based on what are the child’s needs. Typically, the parent who has possessory conservatorship and visitation rights will make child support payments to the managing conservator, but every situation is unique and should be evaluated independently by an El Paso Child Support and Custody. Additionally, child support arrangements may change over time as a parent’s financial situation changes. As such, it is always possible that child support arrangements can be modified based on a change in circumstances.

Protecting Parental Rights – Why You Should Work with an El Paso Child Support and Custody Lawyer

Parenting plans establish an arrangement that allows both parents to have the best relationship possible with their children given the circumstances. While a perfect scenario may involve a child living with both parents, such an arrangement is not always possible. Many parents ultimately agree on a parenting plan that furthers their child’s best interests but should consider negotiating a parenting plan with the help of an El Paso Child Support and Custody Lawyer. A significant number of parents realize that they can agree on child custody and support matters simply by sitting down and working it out. Fighting in court is costly and places undue stress on both parents and children. Therefore, working with a lawyer can help to alleviate the hurdles associated with resolving a domestic matter.

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