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Facing a probation violation charge in El Paso County can be a very serious offense depending on why a person was on probation in the first place. In Texas, probation is also known as “community supervision,” which means that a probation officer, along with a court, has the power to oversee a person’s conduct during the entire probation period. Adhering to the terms of a probation order are of utmost importance and violating probation can result in a person facing subsequent criminal charges and potential jail time. To avoid the harsh penalties resulting from a potential probation violation, it is crucial to work alongside an El Paso County Probation Violation Lawyer.

Penalties for Violating Probation/Community Supervision in El Paso County

The penalties for violating probation or a deferred adjudication order can be quite harsh, especially if the underlying crime(s) leading to probation were serious. Under Texas law, a person’s probation or deferred adjudication can be revoked for violating just one term of the agreement. Depending on how serious the underlying criminal conviction is, the penalties associated with violating probation include the following:

  • Complete revocation of probation/community supervision or deferred adjudication;
  • Extended term or modification of existing probation/community supervision or deferred adjudication;
  • Jail time (county jail or state prison depending on the severity of the underlying crime(s));
  • Community service;
  • Expensive fines (including court costs and other fees associated with probation); and
  • Mandatory counseling.

Whether a person faces jail time for violating the terms of probation or deferred adjudication will depend on how many times a person has been convicted of a crime, whether a person has violated probation more than once, and in what way a person has violated his or her probation. If a probation violation is minor, a person’s probation term may be extended, whereas, if a person’s probation violation is serious (such as a repeat driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge), a jail or prison sentence may be a real possibility. Probation/community supervision matters will always vary on a case-by-case basis.

Non-Criminal Consequences of an El Paso Probation Violation

Criminal penalties can turn a person’s life upside down, but there are additional consequences that go way beyond court costs, jail time, and an extended probation term. The consequences can be especially harsh for a young adult just starting to make big life decisions. Examples of non-criminal consequences associated with an El Paso probation violation include, among others, the following:

  • Inability to rent an apartment or home;
  • Getting rejected from a college or university;
  • A tarnished criminal record that may last for an indefinite period of time;
  • Inability to obtain a loan (such as a student loan or home mortgage);
  • Difficulty obtaining a job, as many employers will run background checks;
  • Financial loss; and
  • Harm to a person’s reputation.

Because so much at stake when it comes to criminal charges, especially one involving a probation violation, it is important to take all possible steps to fight a criminal charge from the beginning. By doing so, many individuals facing criminal charges can overcome the worst of consequences.

Defending Your El Paso Probation Violation Charge

To fight a probation violation charge, it takes a truly qualified criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience in the courtroom and a good rapport with prosecutors. Criminal matters involve a person’s constitutional rights, and any time a person’s rights are at risk, it is essential to have the best advocate possible to represent that person’s rights in a court of law. While there are many good attorneys, an attorney who handles probation violation cases on a regular basis can provide the best legal representation possible.

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